Thematic Micro Worlds • Challenges

“A crime is committed and the FBI needs your help!”

A team of FBI experts interrupts your conference and presents the details of the crime that has occurred last night. Amidst the confusion and intrigue, a temporary FBI office is settled within your premises. Each team must collect evidence, and at the end of the day all teams will apply their theories in an attempt to unravel the big picture. Just ensure that you put the right culprit in prison!

12 – 199 Participants • Half Day (< 4 hours) Program • Indoors

FUN Highlights:

  • Facilitated games with props and equipment.
  • Interactive brief and debrief with actors.
  • Visit of crime scene and suspect interviews.

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Shared leaderships.
  • Problem solving & analytical skills.
  • Organisation and methodology.