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Provide every student with an extraordinary experience that challenges them to open their minds to the world, gain new perspectives on their role as global citizens, and grow in openness and respect of others.

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OIA Schooltrips

Our Program is designed to enable students to:

  1. Experience new places, people, and challenges.
  2. Learn about teamwork and leadership.
  3. Understand more about themselves and others.
  4. Recognize their roles in community and global development.

Our action is commited to excellence in all areas so that:

  1. Activities are the best on offer in each destination and are fun, challenging, educational, participatory, safe and age-appropriate.
  2. Logistical arrangements such as transport, food, equipment and guides are arranged on a turnkey basis
  3. Educational processes are appropriate and encourage students to think for themselves
  4. Relationships between our personnel and the students and teachers are professional, warm and responsive
  5. The safety and well-being of the student is out priority

We offers customised or set programs.

Customised programs:

Schools can choose activities that suit the educational needs of their students from the following areas:

  • Adventure
  • Culture/Cultural heritage
  • Leadership/teamwork
  • Art, music and drama
  • Geography/Biology field trips
  • Community Service
  • Environmental Studies
Risk Assessment for Management Safety

Point of RAM

First Aid Certification
Reachable 24/7
Established Protocol

Our facilitators are first-aid certified and are registered with the Ministry of Education as approved course instructors.

Customer Service

Facilitators and teacher chaperones have operating 24/7 mobile phone lines in the host country during each course.

School Safety

Additional information on our safety protocol is provided before each trip via a guidebook.




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