Digital Teambuilding

Fully Interactive, Customizable and Versatile!

User-Friendly App Design

Unique Tasks and Challenges for Exceptional Hunts

No Phone Signal Needed!

What is Digital Teambuilding


OIA-MOOVE IPAD-based application offers fantastic opportunities to build and share memories while running through a large selection of spot locations and team stations (hands-on). Each spot and station will have a specific task. Photos, videos, quizzes, all intertwined with cool and unique challenges – and all in real time.It is organized with several themes such as Asian Traders, RWS Amazing Race, Garden Safari, Culture Quest, using iPAD to connect with current and prospective challengers. Digital Teambuilding is defined by the use of numerous digital tactics and strategy to connect with the places where they spend in this teambuilding: online. From the device itself, a team’s online — digital monitored, this self-guided teambuilding will lead you through a series of clues and mysterious encounters.

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