Services - Education


Educational School Trip thematic approach with learning syllabus pre-post trip activities theme :

  • Science, Earth & Nature
  • Society & entrepreneurship
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Certification Programs

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Leadership Adventures

Bali / Singapore / Malaysia Fully packaged, Turnkey trips

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Services Learning Programs

Journeys for students wanting to contribute so socialize & volunteer. Key themes :

  • Social Innovation
  • social enterprises
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Opportunity Journeys

3-5 Study Tours & Exchange Journey, focusing on young adults study plans & future career explorations

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Industrial Tours

For young and aspiring students to visit the best of the breed and state of the art facilities in top corporate houses across various verticals, from health to finance, technology, tourism, entertainment and more

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Student & Faculty Exchange Programs

Short term or long term possibilities of exchange programs for students and communities with a common interest in various fields like health, tourism, science, technology, and other educational and learning interest

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  • STEM

Teaches K12 Science-Technology-Engineering-Math through world-class syllabus with a focus on exciting classroom Engineering construction challenges, Robotics and Coding.



Revolves around drama-based scenarios to practice dialogue as well as help students make ethical choices when faced with difficult life decisions in the midst of their youth and adolescent lives.

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Cross Cultural & Collaborative Learning

Inter-School Exchange programs to understand cultures, behaviors, and team collaborative-skill

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Personal Development: Pillars of Life

Character development career skills for professionals success life skills

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