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Cardboard Raft Building

As with his more classic “brother”, this programme involves planning, building and then racing rafts in small teams but with an additional trick: teams can only cardboard and tapes…. Can paper float and take the load of a crew? Constructing a water-worthy vessel in that case is all about design and invention – coupled of course with a strong dose of cooperation, communication and team work.

Invention, strategy, and luck! Add teamwork, a beach, lots of unusual flotation materials, tie it all together and you’ve got the winning ingredients for fun and memorable teambuilding on a hot day. This two-part program involves planning, building and then racing rafts in small teams. Teams will be using items like barrels, inner tubes, rope and ingenuity to construct a water-worthy vessel. The aim is to accomplish your mission first!

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  • Budgeting for equipment, Designing, Sourcing some floating materials
  • Titanic Award (most spectacular unraveling)
  • Green Design Award (see the last slide)
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  • Creativity & ingeniousness
  • Teamwork & Leadership
  • Strategy
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  • Beaches
  • Lakes
  • Lagoons

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