Langkawi (Maiden Lake) License To Thrill Quest

Thematic Micro-World

Full day, high profile teambuilding QUEST, involving speedboats, splendid scenaries and a mythical freshwater lake where every one can safely swim. A world-class experience, really!

Tasik Dayang Bunting is a fresh water lake on the island of Dayang Bunting, the second largest in the Langkawi archipelago. The name Tasik Dayang Bunting means „Lake of Pregnant Maiden” and comes from the legend of Mambang Sari. Swimming in the fresh water is vey safe and a real pleasure. Pedal boat can also be arranged.

This full day high profile teambuilding is a QUEST involving speed boats, treasure hunting, as well as using clues and navigation tools leading this exceptional lake as well as pristine, virgin beaches. Participants are organised into teams of 6 to 10 pax, so that each team can fit into a boat. Briefing will be held before the teams depart to the boarding point of the speedboat on Maiden Lake.

Each team will be given the following:

  • A set of briefing instructions
  • Speed boat to Maiden Lake with skipper
  • Laminated sailing chart
  • Mineral water and a team kit with raincoats etc…

8-199 Participants • Full Day Program (>4 Hours) • Outdoors (Langkawi Only)

FUN Highlights:

  • Thrilling speedboat navigation among outstanding scenaries
  • Prisitne, quasi virgin beach to explore / Picnic on the beach
  • Treasure Hunt: Features of interest, eco knowledge,
  • Wildlife and questions relating to the loc

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Team maintenance: keep your team together, positive and motivated
  • Manage resource well: optimise your own, without wasting. Protect the environement
  • Being safe at all time, while enjoying and relaxing
  • Collaborating, helping and supporting each other





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