Peak Performance

Peak Preformance


“The building blocks of productive team engagement and team building.”

Peak Performance (indoors or outdoors) is a mix between team building and training. It is either challenge-based but also tapping on creative leadership to foster closer team spirit.

In the program, you will develop a clearer understanding about how Trust, Communication and Leadership styles work – in your teams but also in the office or in real life. Work as a team and acquire techniques in solving problems creatively through stimulating activities; learn to identify your own, as well as team members, strengths and weaknesses for improved cohesiveness and communication.

12-89 Participants • Half Day Program (<4 Hours) • Indoors

FUN Highlights:

  • A selection of experiential activities to chose from: Croc Pit, Hook the bottle, Maze, Circle of unity etc…
  • Interactive brief and debrief embedded into the activities
  • Creative and Competitive spirit
  • Peak Performance certificates

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Basics of teamwork: Trust and Communication
  • Overcoming conflict and maintaining teams in good spirit
  • Collaboration and group problem solving to achieve results
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Gaining clarity on roles and responsibilities within a team
  • Understanding leadership by setting their own expectations of this role

    PHOTO Highlights:


    Indoor Creative Learning

    Marble Factory

    Magic Pole

    Hook The Bottle

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