Dancing to One Beat

Dancing to One Beat

Passion & Vision • Music & Percussion

Sway with the tunes while learning leadership and synchronization.

Believe in the power of your team by building trust and respect among participants. Learn how to grow a group vision achieved by combining dance with music, choreography and culminate with a final choreography

20-499 Participants • Half Day Program  (<4 Hours) • Indoors or Outdoors

FUN Highlights:

  • Combining traditional and contemporary dance steps and “moves”
  • Dressing Up with simple props
  • Create your choreography, as well as your own decor
  • Have your own percussion ensemble
  • Be impressed by the final show

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Trust building
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Empowering people in office

PHOTO Highlights:




Dragon’s Tail


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