Culinary Boot Camp Experience

Culinary Boot Camp Experience

Passion & Vision • Culinary Challenges

Uncover the secrets of “open space” team-cooking and how to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

As your team warm up and the appetite comes, visit typical local wet market with your recipe in hand. Plan and strategize with your team, so you can spend your budget wisely and allocate resources to cook a lovely meal… with a basket to shop, rush to find the best ingredients and meet a tight deadline spend a memorable time bonding with your team mates creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary. You will also uncover a local ingredients and secret recipes.

12-499 Participants • Half Day Program (<4 Hours) • Indoors or Outdoors

FUN Highlights:

  • Market experience (Negotiation and budgeting)
  • Creative recipes and cooking
  • Advertisement Time (create your commercial for presentation)
  • Allocating task between preparing the ingredients, cooking various dishes, and plating to impress.

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Dealing with critical issues
  • Leadership and planning
  • Maximizing resources: openness – dialogue
  • Managing multiple deadlines
  • Team effort, planning, and resource allocation
  • Creativity and confidence
  • Trust & Support

PHOTO Highlights:


Cooking Competition


Indgredients Shopping

Fun at the Kitchen

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